I was raised a Catholic. I was drawn to the Charismatic movement in 1969 and accepted the Lord in 1970. I was married in the Baptist church and attended there for three year, I began to attend a non-denominational church in 1973, during that time I spent in the church I conducted home group meetings, was an elder of the church, a youth minister, and was involved in the healing and deliverance ministries.

I met a woman in Canada in 2002. In 2004, her 33-year-old son who was living in Calgary, Canada at the time, was rushed to the hospital after aspirating. He was without oxygen and his heart beat for at least 15 minutes according to the EMT report. We flew to the hospital and they ran tests the next day. The neurologist told his mother to pull the plug, the doctor said there would be no chance he would survive without life support. She looked at me in tears and asked what should I do?? I said I would not pull the plug. I immediately went to his room in the ICU, I prayed and then said his name as a command. He slightly opened his eyes and I left to get his mother. We got back and I spoke his name again and he opened his eyes again. I told her I thought he would walk out of here. He did walk out,  in 3 weeks, and now he is in his final year of bible school. This was the first time God had used me in this capacity.

I continue to be involved in the healing and deliverance ministry and in 2013 I went through a spiritual growth that God walked me through. I had a peace about it but I’m sure others thought otherwise. In 2014 out of this time spent with the Lord and Holy Spirit, I started writing my first book, which was very different from a life working in construction. I wrote another book in 2014 and another in 2016. I have two more that I’ve started and will be out by the summer of 2019. My heart is towards discipleship and teaching others how to become a disciple so they can do the same, which is what Jesus Christ taught the 12 and at least 70 others.

Peter Varieur