Christians today are intimidated by marriage. They put it off for decades. They put off having children. At best they view staying married for life as an ideal, and see marriage more as a temporary contract that can end because of sin or dissatisfaction. To many it sounds like a long, pathetic story about pain. Beyond that, abandonment of the family is at the core of the instability of Christian civilization and its current replacement by Muslim populations.
In "Get Married and Save the World", your ordinary brother confronts this situation head on. He shares the great truths of marriage as revealed in the Holy Bible, and how we can accomplish them through faith and obedience to God. He explains how each pillar within marriage blesses the community with life and peace and points to the Salvation in Jesus Christ. It is indeed the foundation for a new society. The book’s message is interwoven with abundant practical advice, storytelling and theology. Marriage is joy, healing and life, if we walk in God’s way.

Get Married Save The World