God's Amazing Grace

Grace and Prayer. We know that Grace is God's unmerited favor and we don't deserve it. It's only by His love. Back in November of 2016, I spent 8 days at my friends hunting camp in Canada. It's 4 miles off a side road and another 4 miles into the woods on a old logging road. He asked me if I could help him repair an 4' x 8' by 6 foot high tree stand that was 20' off the ground. I told him yes and we brought tools and lumber out to the tree stand with a 4 wheeler another 3/4 of a mile into the woods. I told him to put his harness on before going up and working on the roof so he did. I was on the ground helping to jack as he tightened the cable and strap to pull it back into the tree. It had slid off the concrete patio blocks and sunk down into the mud about a foot. I was jacking and was bent over, he yelled watch out. Instead of looking up, I immediately put my hands over my head. A 16' 4x4 post weighing about 50 lbs fell and landed in the center of my head. My two middle fingers on my left hand got most of the brunt and my wrist of my right hand got the rest. My head didn't get touched just felt the jolt. I could not feel my two middle finger as they began to swell. I put both hands under opposite arm pits and began to walk around and pray. Within a half hour I could feel my fingers, no swelling and didn't hurt anymore. I continued to help and we got the project finished. After things like this happen and you go thru the what ifs? you try to figure what made me react this way instead of a way that could have ended my life.

God is so Amazing.

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