Stepping Out Of The Box

While returning from Canada after meeting with a friend, I had a lot of time to pray, think and listen To Holy Spirit. I was thinking of where the church has gone in general. This whole thing started off from listening to a Christian station and the pastor was giving a sermon, it was palm Sunday. It sounded so eloquent. I asked myself, I wonder how many times that congregation had heard the same sermon or knew the whole thing by heart? They come week after week hear a sermon go home and the pattern repeats it's over and over again. I got the thought that the church is not the church it was intended to be, it's become a business. Jesus Christ made it so simple, He spent 3 years teaching the 12 and at least 70 others that we know of, before He left, He commanded that we do the same things that He did. He even told them He was sending the Holy Spirit to aid in accomplishing His command. Wasn't it all about DISCIPLESHIP? Create Christians from Christians using the tools He made available to us, The Holy Spirit. I heard a few weeks ago that the Catholic church was looking into allowing married individuals to become priests ( not sure of the feminine spelling) they are loosing people and not having many interested in the ministry. I feel there are a few reasons most churches are not moving in the flow of Jesus' example. Fear from the lack of knowledge to move in the full gifts of the Holy Sprit, It's not popular to discuss deliverance and we know that may effect giving ??? and it could be they have the attitude " we've always done it this way"

. The church needs to step out of their box and allow God to use them the way He wills. I guess the first step it starting to hear from Holy Spirit and not plan things based on comfort level or from habit. Come on church, allow God to be on the move thru you.

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