Who Are you Using Your Talents For?

Then Jesus said to them, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar`s and to God what is God`s”. And they were amazed at him. (Why were they so amazed?) “Mark 12:17, NLT We bear the image of God!” In the beginning God had made us in His image (Genesis 1:27).if we fail to get our minds off money and things, we can easily miss what Jesus was really saying when He replied, “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar`s and to God what is God`s.” We all have individual differences that... God has placed in us, once we begin to know and function in that gifting, give it all to Him. One example of the gifting’s I feel is not used for God’s intent is a gift of music and singing. You watch the shows on TV that have contestants fighting for a chance to win money and a new career in the entertaining field. Most of the judges have already misused their talent, but there are so many really talented contestants and they sing to the world’s affections. They don’t realize or maybe they do but don't realize who gave them that talent and they use it to sing song for anything but giving it back and for the Lord. That’s just one example, whatever you have wasn’t something you received on your own, it came thru a blessing or a curse. Some curses seem at first like blessings but eventually you see the results of the curse and some blessings seem like a curse at first and turn out to be such an awesome blessing. When it comes down to it we need to give everything to the Lord, surrender everything and you will have peace and experience the intimate relationship that He wants to have with you. Just ponder this thought, the God who knows all your sins and knew them before you were even conceived still created you, knew you were going to ignore Him at times, the God that if He came to visit your home knows you would go around and hide things you wouldn’t want Him to see, wants to spend time with you and have an intimate relationship with you. What an awesome God He is.

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