God's Word Does Not Come Back Void

I received this word back in 1990

Am I called to the ministry? Am I not called to the ministry? Which way should I go Lord? For there is a burning in my heart to serve You full time and to do the things that would glorify Your name. Son, I am calling you to the ministry and many other things, for a Sheppard’s heart does lie in your heart son, that's why you cry for the people, that’s why you want to be there to meet their needs, and you said Lord I need more, I need more, I need more. This day I answer that cry old man; super natural gifting are on the way. Seek My face for I am going to use you old man, not just to be a nice guy, but Jesus Christ the Pastor is going rise up in you, the Sheppard of souls. Do not look for pay or recognition, seek the Person of the Sheppard, I will make you still waters, I will make you green grass, for the days to come you will feed My sheep son. Do not hasten the day of work, but hasten the day of rest, resting in the Lord. For out of the place of rest with Him will come great gifting’s of super natural powers , yes son you are called, but don't put me in a box, let Me use you as I will.

I started taking a class at the Lakes Region Vineyard Church a few months ago. One week the pastor was explaining giving someone a word. It starts off " When I look at you I see" then you allow the Holy Spirit to give you the words. I had never shared this with the pastor but he started looking around the room and stopped at me. He said "Peter, when I look at you I see" he started to give me a word from the Lord. After he asked me did that say anything to you. Holding back tears, I said yes, I heard the same word 28 years ago. I told the class I had gone thru times of disappointment wondering if I had not followed thru on my end and that God had passed me by.


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